5 Ways to Fold Napkins + 5 videos tutorials

5 Ways to Fold Napkins + 5 videos tutorials

Folding napkins is a nice detail around the dinner table! Here we give you tips on nice and elegant ways to fold napkins. There are many different types of folds and we have here gathered several different napkin folds in this article.

1. How to Fold a Simple Fan from a Linen Napkin

A fan is a classic in napkin folding. A stylish, elegant and festive feeling to the set table. The fan is one of the simpler ones to fold and works excellently to do with fabric napkins. Watch the video below for a quick and easy walkthrough of how to fold a fan.

2. How to Fold a Cutlery Pocket from a Linen Napkin

Folding a cutlery pocket is easy and a classic for setting the table especially if you have, for example, a buffet, Christmas table or similar and want to prepare with cutlery and napkin in the same package. Watch the video on how to fold a cutlery pocket.


3. How to Fold a Rose from a Linen Napkin

This lovely rose is easy to fold but gives a special and impressive impression to the dinner guests. Watch the video :)


4. Folding a Bow/Tie from a Napkin

This fold is both simple and very beautiful. Watch the video to see how to fold a bow from a napkin.


5. Three Simple Ways to Fold Napkins

This video shows 3 simple combinations of how to work with the napkin and napkin ring. All three are nice and simple to perform and are quick!