Setting the Table with Flowers - Tips for the Dinner Table!

Setting the Table with Flowers - Tips for the Dinner Table! - Von Home

Do you also love the feeling of a beautifully set table for dinner? At Von Home, we are passionate about creating the perfect atmosphere for every meal and dinner occasion. One of our favorite tips is to use flowers as part of the table setting, something dear to our heart even before the inception of Von Home. There is also a tradition in our family of working with flowers and floral bouquets. Von Home often collaborates with our close friend the Florist - Isabelle Felixson from Bella's Buketter. Click here for her Instagram.

Isabelle has created this floral arrangement for this table setting. She has partly used flowers from her own cut flower cultivation north of Stockholm (locally grown flowers).

In this post, we will go through how to combine flowers, linen napkins, and tablecloths to create an unforgettable interior experience at your dinner table. We prepared a fall table setting, keeping in mind the season when decorating with flowers. You don't have to be perfect; life and colors always make a great combination!

Setting the Table with Flowers Flowers are not just for adorning windowsills or desks. They can be a fantastic part of your table setting. Choose seasonal flowers or those that match your interior. Let's say it's autumn: opt for deep red rosebuds, orange lilies, or perhaps amber-toned chrysanthemums. These can be placed in small vases spread across the table or maybe in a larger decorative bowl in the center. We chose to decorate with two larger pots on the table.

VonHome flowers

The flower mix consists of:

  • Nerine
  • Garden Rose
  • Eucalyptus
  • Amaranth (also known as Foxtail)
  • Fountain Grass
  • Millet
  • Ilex Berries (orange)
  • Dark Dahlia
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Cabbage

Linen Napkins and Tablecloth – The Perfect Match What makes the flowers even more beautiful? When contrasted with the soft feel of linen and cotton. At Von Home, we love textiles for their timeless beauty and soft touch. Our linen napkins with a mix of cotton are not just functional but also add a lovely feel to every table setting.

When choosing colors for napkins and tablecloths, consider matching or contrasting with your flowers. A light gray tablecloth can make the pink flowers truly pop, while a navy blue napkin can highlight the white peonies. This is the classic approach. We chose to go wild in this setting, and the experience was fantastic!

Tips to Pull it All Together

  • Balance Colors: Ensure not everything is in the same shade. If you have a white tablecloth, try colorful napkins and flowers to create contrasts.

  • Vary Heights: Play with the height of your floral arrangements. Use low vases, tall stems, and everything in between to create dynamics on your table.

  • Focus on Details: Small details like candlesticks, napkin rings, and cutlery can also play a significant role in your table setting. Let these complement your flower and linen theme. For instance, Von Home napkin rings fit perfectly with floral settings.

In conclusion, flowers are an unbeatable element in table settings. They create a sense of luxury, warmth, and hospitality. Whether you're preparing a dinner for two or a party for twenty, these tips from Von Home can help you set the perfect mood.

Do check out our products to see our range of linen napkins, tablecloths, and napkin rings that will elevate your next dinner party. Don't forget to share your table setting photos featuring Von Home products. Perhaps you're even a Von Home ambassador? Reach out to us!