Interior Design Interview with Elin Rantatalo

Interior Design Interview with Elin Rantatalo

Elin Rantatalo is a name that may already sound familiar to many. She was affected by Sepsis in 2019 and has since fought to adapt her life without legs and fingers. Known for her extraordinary ability to see life from the bright side despite setbacks, Elin is a true source of inspiration. We at Von Home are proud to highlight this wonderful profile and share her passion for interior design. Elin runs a blog on, gives lectures, and has a podcast with Shahrzad Kiavash where they talk about life - The podcast is called Our Rewardless Life. Elin has also released a book titled Life Without Legs Goes On available for purchase here.

Tell us briefly about yourself, Elin. Who are you, and what do you do?

I am trained as a hairdresser and timber house designer but have been working as a lecturer and influencer since 2022.

How did you become interested in interior design? Any specific event or occasion?

Interior design has always been my biggest interest. Already in my early teens, I liked to spend my allowance at Åhléns buying something nice for my room. I grew up in a typical 70s house with a basement recreation room and always tried to convince my parents how it could be enhanced.

Elin Rantatalo

If you could choose one room in the house, which is your favorite room and why? (bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.)

I live in a large house with 7 rooms and kitchen, so here I must choose two! The so-called salon is a room where I like to have my coffee, and TVs are forbidden here. It has beautiful light from a large bay window, a comfortable room to just be in where you can see how the rooms beautifully align with views in all directions.

Then I really enjoy our newly renovated kitchen from Kulladal. Cooking is my second most favorite interest, so I spend a lot of time there.

Do you have a favorite color or color combinations you particularly like?

Green is a color that goes with everything, and I like to combine it with warm shades of yellow or red right now!

If you could choose a single product that you consider indispensable in interior design, what would it be and why?

A classic design lamp! It's an investment, and there are many you can find at auctions. Right now, I dream of a PH 2/3 table lamp in chrome that I want in our dining room.

Elin Rantatalo

Elin Rantatalo's three best interior design tips?

I often fall for things that stand out a bit. Because of this, it's important for me to have a toned-down home when it comes to the base, which allows the things that stand out to come forward and be seen. It shouldn't be messy, but it should be personal. I love, for example, our polka-dotted sofa. An unexpected item in an unexpected place is also fun!

Having some antique flea market furniture really elevates the feeling of the home. Dare to incorporate vintage even in a hyper-modern home! Perhaps an oriental rug or a display cabinet?

Mix brass and chrome, don't let the home become monochrome because then it becomes boring. Make sure the home is created to allow space for what you like.

Do you have any dream projects that you haven't had the chance to realize yet, and if so, what are they?

I have both built a new house and now live in an old one from 1905. I want to stay here, and the next dream project is to make space for a greenhouse on our small city lot. Both my husband and I like projects and renovations.