Interview with Elin Lervik - Interior Designer and Decorator

Interview with Elin Lervik - Interior Designer and Decorator
Elin has many years of experience in the home decoration industry and has previously worked with, among others, Svenskt Tenn and many other design and interior companies. Elin is an entrepreneur and runs Hemtrevligtpodden together with Katarina Matsson. They have also released the book Hemtrevligt, which can be purchased here.

Boken Hemtrevligt

Tell us a little about yourself, Elin. Who are you and what do you do?

I live with my large family in a yellow brick house from the 60s, in Saltsjöbaden. The family consists of a husband, three children living at home, and two stepchildren who have moved out, and of course - a bunch of animals (cat, dogs, rabbits, chickens, goldfish living in an outdoor pond, and a horse).

How did your interest in interior design come about? Any specific event or occasion?

In 8th grade in junior high, it was time for work experience, and I took the courage and went to Norrtälje's (and at that time also Greater Stockholm's) next interior shop Akeba and asked if I could do my work experience there. The founder Anki Belsander said ok, and that was the start of my professional career in home decoration. The actual interest comes from home - my mom Ewa has been making our home cozy for as long as I can remember. 

What is your favorite room in a home when it comes to interior design and why?

If there is space - try to create a library. THAT is my favorite room. When we lived in an apartment, there was a strange inner hall with an open fireplace. There, we built bookshelves that we painted in the perfect library-green color. THAT is my favorite room.

What is your favorite color and why?

Green. I guess it has to do with me enjoying being outdoors, on the property, and in the forest. Safety!


If you could choose a single product that you consider indispensable in interior design, what would it be and why?

A lit candle. It immediately creates ambiance while also serving a function.

What is your best interior design tip?

Start with what YOU like, and look beyond trends and other people's opinions. In the book Hemtrevligt, Kattis and I write about 7 building blocks we believe contribute to a cozy home. These are books, plants, textiles, old things (you can't make it cozy with only new stuff!), lighting, pets, and art. Often, you already have most of these components at home, and can add what's missing.

Do you have a dream project that you have not yet had the opportunity to realize but would love to design or decorate?

A horse farm, untouched for like 100 years. Preferably in Italy.


Elin Lervik hem

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers, maybe something about future projects, personal reflections, or industry insights?

I usually advise starting your own business at some point. It obviously depends on who you are as a person and what you dream about, but for me, it has been revolutionary on so many levels. Tip 2: "Dare to ask" - i.e., don't be afraid to ask for help or a service. I usually think "what's the worst that can happen?" That's how the podcast came about - I asked Kattis if she wanted to start a podcast with me. We didn't know each other, that time. Another motto is "how hard can it be?" It's a kind of Kajsa-Kavat attitude that often helps me in the right direction, both professionally and privately. Finally - be kind, don't talk trash about others. Support other people that you like.